How to Remove a Loose Tooth With Braces

How to Remove a Loose Tooth With Braces

If you have braces, it is important to know how to remove a loose tooth. This is because you could damage your braces or cause an infection if you pull a loose tooth out incorrectly.
Teeth feel slightly loose in the first couple days after they have been tightened by braces. This is normal, as the teeth are moving and adjusting to their new position.

Don’t Pick at the Tooth

Picking at a loose tooth is not only dangerous but it can also wedge the tooth further in. This can lead to infection and even fracture the tooth in its socket.
The best way to prevent this from happening is by practicing proper oral hygiene at home. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and rinse your mouth out thoroughly after every snack or meal to avoid food buildup.
Besides the obvious, you should avoid biting into hard foods or snacks like apples, candy bars, and nuts because they can cause your braces to bend or break, causing pain and discomfort. Similarly, you should minimize sugary foods as these are notoriously difficult to remove from your teeth and can lead to dental issues like tooth decay.
You should also not try to pull a loose tooth with pliers because it could easily crush the tooth. A good dentist may be able to stabilize the tooth before removing it for treatment, which can help keep your smile intact.

Avoid Biting Into Hard Foods

It’s best to avoid biting into hard foods when removing a loose tooth with braces. These types of foods can cause brackets to come off or wires to bend.
One way to avoid these issues is to cut food up into smaller chunks and chew with the back teeth. This allows you to avoid causing any damage to the braces while still being able to enjoy your favorite foods.
To keep your braces healthy, it’s also important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and minerals that help maintain dental health.
Fruits like apples can be especially harmful to braces when biting into them, so try cutting them into small pieces instead of biting directly into them. Softer fruits, like blueberries and raspberries, are also a good choice.

Don’t Try to Pull the Tooth

One of the most important things to remember when removing a loose tooth with braces is that it is best to avoid trying to pull the tooth. Doing so could cause problems for both the tooth and the tooth socket.
It is also possible that you might damage the gum tissue surrounding the tooth. This can lead to infection and other dental issues.
The good news is that the process of removing a loose tooth usually takes place without any pain, blood or other complications. It is best to let nature take care of this and allow your child’s baby teeth to fall out on their own if possible.
The first step is to encourage your child to wiggle the tooth with their tongue and fingers. This should eventually result in it falling out on its own.

Visit the Dentist

Removing a loose tooth with braces is easier and more affordable than having to replace the tooth. That is why it is important to visit the dentist as soon as you notice the tooth is loose.
Your dentist will perform a thorough oral exam to make sure you have healthy teeth and gums. They will also look at the rest of your mouth to check for spots, lesions, growths, or cuts that could indicate a health problem.
Dental visits are not only essential for your teeth and gums; they are also vital to your overall health. Your dentist will check your mouth, tongue, and throat for signs of oral cancer, which is a very common problem that can cause serious illness if left untreated.
Your dentist will also take X-rays to see what’s going on under your teeth and jaw bones. These X-rays can reveal problems like broken teeth, cavities, infections, cysts and tumors that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

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